Welcome to the “1 on 1 Blog”!

1 on 1 Entertainment works with independent artists and signed artists, labels and music industry professionals as well as other businesses. We offer an “old school” approach to Marketing, PR and Music Publishing firm: Personal Interaction! 

We have removed that cold and impersonal “automated” business model of buying a service through a website and actually have people you can speak with. As creatives ourselves, we know exactly how personal your music or business is to you and that it deserves nothing less than personal attention. We are professionals you can actually speak with and who will work with you personally to devise a strategy for your campaign. We will work with you “One on One”!

At 1 on 1 Entertainment we work closely with each artist we choose to represent. We firmly believe that building relationships “One on One” is the only way to work, especially in the entertainment industry. We are interested in building a community of artists and media creators who help and support each other.

Please visit our Marketing page and see what services we offer.

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