Social Engagement: The Golden Key

So you’ve created a band or artist page on Facebook. GREAT! The pictures are nice, you’ve got some widgets, etc. working well. The problem is, all you post are show announcements like “Hey everyone, we’re playing at so and so venue on so and so date!” While it’s very important to let your fans know about your shows, this kind of post misses one of the most important aspecst of Social Marketing: Engagement.

You want your fans to talk about you. You also want your fans to talk WITH you. You want them to “interact” with your posts. With show announcements, you’re not ASKING for interaction. All the information they need is right there. They don’t have reason to interact. To have more fan engagement, you have to GIVE them a reason to interact with your posts.

Here’s a very simple thing you can do. If you have plenty of “Likes”, then you have plenty of people already in your target audience. Instead of only posting about your shows, how about starting a discussion about an interesting topic or perhaps ask them a question?

Try it. By asking them an engaging question, you are asking for them to publicly post their opinion about something. Many people are more than happy to show they have knowledge about something so the more general your question is, the more engagement you will likely get. Try something like “What do you think is the greatest love song of all time?” Or “What was the coolest live show you ever went to?” I would veer away from asking people their stance on a political issue. You are a band, not politicians and you certainly don’t want to say anything that will offend anyone’s political stance. Same with religion.

By posing an “interactive” question to your audience you are also asking them to interact. You’re also:

1. Asking them to engage
2. Giving them reason to engage
3. Asking them to post THEIR opinion on a subject
4. Showing you care about your fans opinions
5. Letting them feel like they matter among the others

Now think about this for a second. Who is YOUR favorite artist? How would you feel if that artist that you’ve loved for a long time, suddenly asked you for YOUR opinion or just showed they want to get personal with YOU? Probably the single most important thing is to let your fans feel like they are getting closer, more personal with you, the artist they are following, the artist they love!

Put these few simple principles into practice, working with the psychology of your fans and with social engagement, and you will SEE more engagement. This can be applied to any Facebook page for artists, bands, any kind of business and even personal pages!

1 ON 1 Entertainment works with artists and businesses to help employ best practices that work. From professional logo design and website design, to full marketing and Social Expansion, we are available. Learn more at the1 ON 1 Entertainment website. If you are struggling in creating a professional “online image” and trying to figure our how to market what you’ve spent plenty of time and money to create, then we might just want to work with you.

1 ON 1 Entertainment… Take Control!


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