Music Marketing 101

When it comes to marketing, beginners and experts will agree that there is one constant that is required for any campaign to succeed: Repetition. If advertising was a simple matter of Pepsi placing one ad on TV, they wouldn’t be where they are today. Instead, you see ads for ®Pepsi, ®Coke, ®Burger King, ®Nike and so many other huge companies everywhere and all the time. Repetition. This is the key for any Marketing Plan to succeed.

Whether you got into music to land a deal with a major label, perform live, sell CD’s or get your music heard, you are a business owner. You are the entrepreneur. Your music and image are your products. From the moment you recorded your first song, you started a business. You wanted to get your music in front of the world and probably want to earn a decent living doing what you love most. This is how we at 1 on 1 see you and how we will treat your music career.

When you start a Facebook page for your band, the most important aspect is continued engagement with your fans. CONTINUED ENGAGEMENT. Posting once a month will not cut it. Repetition of interaction is the only way you will build a solid fan base and keep them there. So take some time, just ten minutes per day, and post something about you, your life, something funny that happened to you. Don’t make EVERY post about the music or your vent schedule. Interact… be fun with the fans. You’ll see a big change!

At 1 on 1, we are music people too! We personally understand the struggles that today’s independent artists are facing. Should we choose to work with you as an artist, our first and most important job at 1 on 1 is to work WITH you, to first understand YOUR vision. We are your Public Relations team. We are your Marketing team. Once we have a clear understanding of the direction you want to take, we can then devise a plan, working together, to advance your public image and gain more exposure for you and your music.

If you are serious about your online image and want some professional help and guidance, don’t hesitate to Contact Us.


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