Online Licensing Submission Requests

I received an email from offering everyone $5 submissions. So I took a look at a few. I haven’t submitted through them personally for a long time, mainly because of the “Terms” for many of the submissions. Having gone through this with several websites, I would like to recommend that you PLEASE be sure to read ALL of EVERY submission request (many can be seen under the “Opportunity Terms/Contract” when you click on a submission request). Many of them are asking for 100% OWNERSHIP OF YOUR COPYRIGHTS, for 100% of the publishing and for other very unethical and downright unfair terms. Further, most of these website claim zero responsibility for the terms of each submission request. PLEASE everyone, be careful and READ READ READ. Read it ALL and read it again… have an attorney read it if you are unfamiliar with legal mumbo jumbo.

Case in point. This is pulled directly from the request: “Artist irrevocably assigns, transfers and grants to Company, its successors and assignees, one hundred percent (100%) of Artist’s right, title and interest throughout the world in and to the Controlled Composition. Such assignment, transfer and grant of the Controlled Composition or Compositions shall include, without limitation, the copyright, the right to secure copyright registration, and any and all copyright renewal rights and/or extensions thereof, all for the full term of copyright protection and all extensions and renewals thereof.”

It goes on with: “All entries are final and irrevocable. Once Artist has delivered Materials to this Destination, Artist may not withdraw the submission. Absolutely no fee refunds will be made for any reason.

Why are they offering no refunds? Because once you sign, you’re SCREWED!Be sure to protect yourself and your music. Read ALL the fine print, all the Terms of every contract or deal BEFORE signing. Once you sign it, you are committed to it and saying “I didn’t see it” is not going to be enough to stand up in court.

All the above applies to every website and/or service that offers licensing requests by “music industry professionals”. Just be safe and good luck.

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