Clean up Your Music

Before you submit anything to anyone, make sure it is CLEAN! This means a professionally recorded song, mixed and mastered. If you can’t afford this, there are plenty of online guides and articles with solid recording techniques and links to get some very good and cheap recording tools.

For just a moment, put yourself in the role of a Music Supervisor looking to place an acoustic ballad on a hit TV show. You receive about 100 submissions per day and have to review each one… one by one. Included in the submissions are electronic dance songs, rap, hip hop, heavy metal and of course some, who follow directions, actually submit an acoustic ballad. 

As a music supervisor, you not only have to find the best song and lyrics for your show, you also want to find a song that requires little to no work. By work we’re talking about possible rerecording, remastering, etc. as well as additional clearances. For example, if a submission includes an obvious sample from a Jason Mraz song, you need to obtain licensing to use it the song, which means contacting the right people at the Mraz camp. This clearance should have been done by the artist who used the sample in the first place BEFORE submitting the song to you, but as stated in a previous post, many artists do not know the business side of music.

You, the music supe, also have to find the “cleanest” broadcast quality music, again to avoid more work. Standards for placement are very high when it comes to the cleanliness of music. Songs will simply not be placed in any professional production if the quality sucks! Period!

Take the time, make the time or your wasting your time!

So as you listen to submissions, you hear hisses, pops and some very poor quality recordings, noticeable even in the first few seconds of listening. Do you think this will qualify for placement? Even the most beautifully written and performed song must be clean, free of ambient noise, environmental noise and of course device noise. If it’s not, it simply will not be considered and in all honesty, it won’t get a listen beyond the first few seconds.

Here’s the question: How does YOUR music sound. Is it clean? Is it mixed and mastered professionally? To gauge it, ask yourself… do you think it’s radio ready. If not, if it’s got all sorts of noise, if the instruments are performed with parts not played on time and in sync (is the bass being played in line with the drums?), if it’s not CLEAN then it is not going to be placed in 99% of instances.

The point here is that it’s not ok to submit poor quality to a music supervisor and moreover, why would you waste your money when your song is not what you KNOW it needs to be. Ok well in all fairness, maybe you didn’t know until you read this post, but now you DO know. So what are you going to do?

It’s not a fun idea thinking “oh hell, now I have to rerecord all my songs!” I’ll say it plainly… take the time, make the time or your wasting your time. Thats it! Put your absolute best foot forward and trust me, your chances at placement will grow exponentially… seriously!

If you would like to continue a personal conversation about your music, complete with a professional critique of a few songs, you are welcome to submit 2-3 of your BEST songs. But please, do so knowing everything you just read above. If it’s not clean, you’re still very welcome to submit, just be prepared for hard honesty. If you it’s not in time, if you didn’t tune your guitar, if it’s got background noise or hiss, etc. etc. etc… we’re going to tell you exactly what we hear wrong, including off key, pitchy vocals. So if you want to work with us, we’re prepared to work with you “1 on 1”!

Contact us HERE!

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The Business Side of Your Music

Most musicians are not business owners and probably don’t know what they need about being a CEO for a corporation. But when it comes down to it, you ARE the CEO of your own business. Your music and “online image” are your products.

One of the first things I did when forming my businesses was to create a short business plan. It was by no means elaborate but it identified the key elements of the goals I was hoping to achieve. Of course making a profit was first on the list, but among the other top contenders for the higher bullet points was Successful Marketing.

You are a musician. NO! You are a business owner! You create music. NO! You create a product. You give away your products for free. NO! What are you crazy?

Running a business as a musician needs to be treated exactly the same as if it were any other kind of business. There is overhead, there may be staff, there are regular purchases like gas to get to gigs, strings and batteries, new software, computer upgrades, cables, microphones, etc., there is profit and and there is loss and if you’ve formed the business legally in your state or country, there are taxes to consider from the income you earn. You create and offer a product and/or service, your music and your live performances, and hope the public will get on board, like it and purchase it. If you’ve incorporated, there are other facets of the business to consider. I won’t get into business law but among all, there needs to be active and continual marketing. Without at least a plan on how a business is going to get the word out about themselves, well as the saying goes, you might be “pissing in the wind”! 

Once your music is great, the marketing and the business will be great!

Like it or not, you ARE the CEO. You decide how your time, and the time of those you hire or contract, will be spent. You set the rules. You define your sound. The bottom line is, you WORK! Yeah I know that’s not very rock n roll, but it’s the straight truth. But without the work, you are going nowhere fast. Without MARKETING, I would tell you to quit right now. It’s just way too competitive out there to not be capitalizing on the huge impact that social media and online marketing can have on your career.

So you don’t really know how? Well good thing you found us! We do! We are your marketing team. We are your sales department. We are your PR firm.

Contact us, get in touch. Let us hear what you’ve got. If we feel the music you’ve created is great and good clean quality, then we might just pick you up. More than anything, we want to help. We want to help you learn and have the tools so you can then go out there and be a DANGEROUS MACHINE!!!!

Start today! Create your Facebook Fan Page and Twitter profile, invite your friends and family and start posting, every day, about everything, not just about your music. Did you find a $20 bill in the street? Post it! Did you ace your college exam? Post it! Did you meet an awesome new girl? Post it! (post a picture too if she’s cool with it). Post your YouTube videos… POST POST POST!

Contact Us now and let’s see where we stand.

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Music Marketing 101

When it comes to marketing, beginners and experts will agree that there is one constant that is required for any campaign to succeed: Repetition. If advertising was a simple matter of Pepsi placing one ad on TV, they wouldn’t be where they are today. Instead, you see ads for ®Pepsi, ®Coke, ®Burger King, ®Nike and so many other huge companies everywhere and all the time. Repetition. This is the key for any Marketing Plan to succeed.

Whether you got into music to land a deal with a major label, perform live, sell CD’s or get your music heard, you are a business owner. You are the entrepreneur. Your music and image are your products. From the moment you recorded your first song, you started a business. You wanted to get your music in front of the world and probably want to earn a decent living doing what you love most. This is how we at 1 on 1 see you and how we will treat your music career.

When you start a Facebook page for your band, the most important aspect is continued engagement with your fans. CONTINUED ENGAGEMENT. Posting once a month will not cut it. Repetition of interaction is the only way you will build a solid fan base and keep them there. So take some time, just ten minutes per day, and post something about you, your life, something funny that happened to you. Don’t make EVERY post about the music or your vent schedule. Interact… be fun with the fans. You’ll see a big change!

At 1 on 1, we are music people too! We personally understand the struggles that today’s independent artists are facing. Should we choose to work with you as an artist, our first and most important job at 1 on 1 is to work WITH you, to first understand YOUR vision. We are your Public Relations team. We are your Marketing team. Once we have a clear understanding of the direction you want to take, we can then devise a plan, working together, to advance your public image and gain more exposure for you and your music.

If you are serious about your online image and want some professional help and guidance, don’t hesitate to Contact Us.


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Welcome to the “1 on 1 Blog”!

1 on 1 Entertainment works with independent artists and signed artists, labels and music industry professionals as well as other businesses. We offer an “old school” approach to Marketing, PR and Music Publishing firm: Personal Interaction! 

We have removed that cold and impersonal “automated” business model of buying a service through a website and actually have people you can speak with. As creatives ourselves, we know exactly how personal your music or business is to you and that it deserves nothing less than personal attention. We are professionals you can actually speak with and who will work with you personally to devise a strategy for your campaign. We will work with you “One on One”!

At 1 on 1 Entertainment we work closely with each artist we choose to represent. We firmly believe that building relationships “One on One” is the only way to work, especially in the entertainment industry. We are interested in building a community of artists and media creators who help and support each other.

Please visit our Marketing page and see what services we offer.

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