Clean up Your Image

Online… it’s ALL about image.

When you first come to a website and see poor or pixelated imagery, what is your opinion about that brand? No what if it’s a musician’s website and the images are crappy, alignment of text is crappy, colors are blinding and the website is overall just a mess?

Well of course you may not be a designer but everyone has some sense of what looks decent.

The web is a desert. Your website is a water fountain. Without a map, how will those poor, thirsty souls find it?

The simple fix to your own website is this. Get one done by a designer. Buying and learning a website editing program does not mean you are a website “designer”, it mean’s you can “build” a website. These are two very different animals.

Here are a few key things to incorporate into all of your online material, including your website and electronic Press Kit (EPK):

• Use professional photographs whenever possible and by all means keep them current. Your online image is what sells you to potential “customers” and creates that initial interest from the start.

• Use well written text that is rich in words that clearly define you and your music.

• Hire a designer… period!

• Make sure your logo is used on ALL marketing material online (and offline in print)

• Stick with a consistent color theme. When you start adding 7 different colors, it;s very hard on the eye and does not make people want to return.

• Do not put dark text on a dark image or back ground or light text on a light one. Don’t make people struggle to read.

• Talk to 1 on 1. Having a website doesn’t automatically mean it’s going to do anything for you. The web is a desert. Your website is a water fountain. Without a map, how will those poor, thirsty souls find it? You can’t hand your website address to the millions of people out there so you must use the web to use the web! We are professionals in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which is how we will help you get found.

Keep all this in mind and you will have a MUCH nicer presentation and moreover, your IMAGE will be one that instills visitor confidence from the moment they enter your website. The same holds true for any of your social profiles. Your Facebook page header, Twitter header and so on should all be consistent with your website’s design and branding and should all use clean clear imagery and photos. Your music is your business after all, keep it awesome!!!

At 1 on 1, we are professional graphic and website designers, among other things and this is one of the services we offer. If you would like to discuss the possibilities of working with 1 on 1 on a professional website, graphics, posters, logo or any other design or marketing material, feel free to Contact Us.

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